A new era for our beverages contracts

September 29, 2021 | General


For the first time in our history, our non-alcoholic beverages contracts are coming under the one banner, in partnership with Asahi Lifestyle Beverages.

This includes Carbonated Soft Drinks, Waters, Energy Drinks, Juices, Sports Drinks, and Ice Teas. Asahi boasts market-leading brands relevant to the student-demographic across many of these categories. This is backed by red-hot pricing, promotional support rebates, equipment provision, and significant over and above support for our sector. The agreement also offers significant flexibility for members.

The flexibility afforded our members by ALB for the next five years of this contract was an important consideration for our Commercial Development Committee. Our larger commercially-active members who currently sit on the Committee have all committed to supporting this valuable relationship.

The significant over and above support offered by ALB will be administered by SEN to support firstly the commercial members participating in the contract, and then resourcing the wider needs of our organisation to ensure that benefits are realised by all members.


A new era for our beverages contracts