A new era for our beverages contracts

September 30, 2021 | Management, Commercial Services, Sport & Recreation


For the first time in our history, our non-alcoholic beverages contracts are coming under the one banner, in partnership with Asahi Lifestyle Beverages.

This includes Carbonated Soft Drinks, Waters, Energy Drinks, Juices, Sports Drinks, and Ice Teas. Asahi boasts market-leading brands relevant to the student-demographic across many of these categories. This is backed by red-hot pricing, promotional support rebates, equipment provision, and significant over and above support for our sector. The agreement also offers significant flexibility for members.

The important points of this exciting new alliance are outlined in the Member Engagement Deck available to download below, but in summary:

  • The term of the agreement is 5 years.
  • Members can choose to range ALB products at either 80% or 60% ranging. This will dictate the pricing at which members will buy at. At either level, the pricing is HOT (full pricing file available below)
  • A promotional support accrual is also earned at a rate dependant on your ranging. These accruals are to be used on activities agreed by you and your ALB account manager, although ALB are non-prescriptive regarding the use of these funds. Any unspent amount as at the end of the term will be paid to you.
  • All products must be purchased directly through Asahi Lifestyle Beverages.
  • The expectation is that you range the following ALB products at a minimum in your 80% or 60% ranging.

• Cola: Pepsi, Pepsi Max
• Non-Cola soft drink: at least 2 non-flavoured non-cola soft drinks
• Sports: Gatorade
• Iced Tea: Lipton
• Water: Cool Ridge
• Juice: Spring Valley or Charlie’s Juice

  • ALB will replace your existing competitor display refrigeration. ALB are happy for any competitor brands, including Coke, to be ranged in the remaining 20% or 40% available in the fridges.
  • ALB will replace your existing competitor post-mix equipment.

The significant over and above support offered by ALB will be administered by TAG to support firstly the commercial members participating in the contract, and then resourcing the wider needs of our organisation to ensure that benefits are realised by all members.

ALB will reach out to members to confirm requirements on your campus, and any subsequent roll-out timelines.

Our larger commercially-active members who currently sit on the Committee have all committed to supporting this valuable relationship. Please let me know at gm@studentexperiencenetwork.com.au if you will be joining them or not.

A secondary offer from Coca-Cola for the remaining beverage ranging is currently being finalised, and will be communicated shortly. This will remain competitive to ensure that members achieve the best overall outcome from their beverage sales.

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A new era for our beverages contracts