Campus Barista Competition

For many years, buying a coffee on an Australian campus was an adventure in itself…one could never be certain of the outcome!

Members understood that students deserved quality coffee that could match anything off-campus, and plenty of heart and soul was being poured (pun intended!) into improving what was on offer. In 2010, we launched our Campus Barista of the Year competition, to help showcase the talent out there.

In this annual search for the best coffee specialist on Australian campuses, we have proven that coffee on campus in this country can match the best on offer anywhere.

Internal campus heats are held at the beginning of each year, with state heats contested at the end of April. State winners are flown to SENCON to contest the finals, proudly supported by our competition coffee partner, Vittoria Coffee.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has prevented us from holding the competition for the last two years.