Get your Mojo on!

September 30, 2021 | Commercial Services, Responsible Business, Sport & Recreation


Kombucha is a sparkling, fermented tea that has been brewed and enjoyed for centuries. It is a world of good bacteria, live cultures, and probiotics that keep our guts healthy and our minds and bodies happy.

Mojo has become the SEN Endorsed Supplier for this healthy beverage that continues to grow in popularity.

That popularity is understandable, given Mojo’s great range of drinks, which includes:

  • traditional activated kombucha available in six flavours, with naturally low sugar, no sweeteners, made with real fruit and spices, and delivered chilled for healthy cultures
  • kombucha gut shots, a handy probiotic kickstart in a mini low-sugar sip! Vegan-friendly, made with real, organic ingredients, and thriving with live cultures + probiotics.
  • kombucha soda, available in three sparkling flavours.  Certified organic, made with real fruit juice, plus with prebiotic fibre for gut health support. Naturally low in sugar, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free, they are also shelf-stable at ambient temperatures.

They are versatile too: the kombuchas and sodas are ideal for cocktails (check out the recipe booklet), and the gut shots are a healthy addition to smoothies and blended fruit juices! If you were at CampusLink in June, you’ll know just how good these taste!

Here is some more detailed information about Mojo, as well as the wholesale price list, and a list of distributors.

But the best way to test them yourself is through some samples! Contact Rodd Keevil at or on 0451 877 581 to organise some, or if you need further information.

And remember, go with your gut!

Get your Mojo on!