Online elections with Big Pulse – with SEN discount!

September 30, 2021 | General, Management, Student Outcomes


With lock downs and restrictions on public gatherings commonplace over the last couple of years, running your student or club elections required a different approach.

BigPulse is an Australian-based online voting company that has been running secure online elections and other polls for universities globally since 2000.  They currently service 24 universities in Australia. Current financial SEN members enjoy discounted pricing from Big Pulse. 

BigPulse technology supports nominations, smaller ballots and surveys right through to complex, high-security elections.  Their security standard and track record for delivering reliable elections and high security votes is unique in the industry.

Benefits for SEN members

  • BigPulse will save you time and money – universities using BigPulse have reported savings of up to 70% when switching from paper voting, as well as significant time savings.
  • No software installations or updates – BigPulse is a web-based service and your election tools will be made available via email as soon as your polls are set up in the system.
  • Quick turn-around – your polls can be set up and ready for testing within 24 hours or earlier if required.
  • Security – BigPulse employs exceptional protocols around server security, data storage and privacy, and vote secrecy and anonymity.  The system is fully transparent, logging all activities by clients and BigPulse managers.  During 20 years of operation, BigPulse has not experienced a single security breach.
  • Range of authentication methods – emails with unique direct sign-in links to the ballot page are most commonly used.  Other options include remote sign-in link on your website via a range of authentication standards (eg Shibboleth), remote authentication from the BigPulse site, or members registering to vote using access PINs. It is also possible to use BigPulse in polling booths.
  • All voting methods available from First Past the Post to various forms of Preferential / Single Transferrable Vote and more.
  • Minimised risk for error – BigPulse has developed an efficient project management system, with automatic safeguards built into the technology to prevent human error by both clients, and BigPulse managers.
  • Powerful election management tools – via your Poll Dashboard not only can you monitor live vote statistics and run a variety of reports, you will also have at your fingertips all the tools to immediately deal with most issues that arise during live polls (eg amending, adding or deleting voting accounts, sending out emails, amending candidate bios etc).
  • Immediate results calculation – results are calculated within a couple of minutes of polls closing and can be emailed to approved recipients immediately, or released from your Poll Dashboard.  Any paper votes are easily entered via your Dashboard before results calculation.  Following release of results, reports can be provided for auditing purposes.
  • Exceptional support – BigPulse provides close and prompt online support, 24/7 if necessary, with most requests resolved within minutes.

Discounts for SEN members

BigPulse calculates your base licence fee according to the number of members invited to vote.  Normally subscriptions range from 3 to 12 months, however SEN members will automatically receive full-year subscriptions for the price of 3 months, together with a 20% to 30% discount, depending on the number of eligible voting members.

For example, a SEN member with 1000 voters will save $495.  One with 5000 voters will save $843, and a member with 20,000 will make a $1,140 saving.

Request more details and take a test vote

If you would like further details click this link: to request a test vote and our information brochures covering security, project management processes and system features.

Make contact with BigPulse

For any queries or to initiate new subscriptions and renewals contact BigPulse on

Online elections with Big Pulse – with SEN discount!