Saintly Hard Seltzer – god it’s good

September 29, 2021 | Commercial Services


Drinking habits in this country are definitely changing. Hard Seltzer is the latest trend to tap into the culture of health conscious young Australians. It’s a drink that suits their fun loving, active lifestyle. It fits their modern mindset, and celebrates the idea of socialising without sacrifice, and finding balance between health and fun.

Saintly is an Australian made and owned hard seltzer, a lively, pure and natural alcoholic sparkling water that’s as refreshing as it is fun.

Full details about this exciting new brand is available on the presentation below, as is pricing. Have a look, then reach out to Ivor MacDonald on 0407 413 908 or at to discuss how Saintly can help bring your bars and events to life.

Saintly Presentation

Saintly Wholesale Pricing



Saintly Hard Seltzer – god it’s good