SEN CAMP over for another year – recordings available

December 2, 2021 | Management, Commercial Services, Marketing & Comms, Student Outcomes, Responsible Business, Sport & Recreation

CAMP 2021 went virtual again this year, thanks to continuing disruptions and restrictions.  On the upside, this made attending easier for all Members! And excitingly, we switched to our new name and identity as…SEN CAMP!

The program expanded on a number of  popular sessions and presentations from CampusLink 2021, and also introduced exciting new ideas and information. It was a program designed to support us in building our capacity to adapt to challenges and set a path for success in 2022!

SEN CAMP was delivered across two weeks as a linear program with no concurrent sessions. This provided flexibility of attendance for Members, removing the commitment of two full, consecutive days attendance. It allowed delegates to attend any session and provided plenty of opportunities for discussion and planning.

Session recordings here

It is the second main event on our calendar. This meeting is invaluable on many levels for Members from all areas of our sector. It allows us to get to know each other. Provides us with a voice and an avenue of communication. Helps us build our team, strengthens our relationships and allows us to define a mutually beneficial path. This is an important part of what makes us stronger as a group.

SEN CAMP 2021 is a FREE event for service fee-paying financial Members.

We are looking forward to returning to a physical CAMP event in 2022!


SEN CAMP over for another year – recordings available