SENCON 2022 Program Day Three

WEDNESDAY 29th June 2022 – Conference Day Three – The Roundhouse, UNSW

Final Day of SENCON.

Program sessions below – Please click on each title to view session details – Delegates may attend any session 

Another opportunity to hear the student perspective on what students want…

This second student discussion panel and delegate Q & A will look at student preferences in communication and engagement with their student service organisations, and what they need in terms of general support and wellbeing while at Uni.

This is the chance to get insight into what students need from student services to better navigate their studies, campus life, and beyond.

Questions posed to students in this session:

– in your view and experience, what is the best way for your student organisation to communicate with you about the things they’re doing? (preferred platforms, frequency, style of communications ie text, videos, images, posters etc)
– in terms of engagement, what is your feeling towards online and hybrid events and activities?
– what does your student org need to do to best support your wellness? Do you have any examples of programs or activities you’ve been part of that you’ve liked?
– what are we currently not doing that you think we should be doing, or that we could be doing a whole lot better?!

*Facilitated discussion by Jess Brown – General Manager, Student Guild Griffith University Gold Coast, SEN board director, and selected student representatives.

Ground level, Roundhouse main auditorium

(This plenary event is valuable for all delegates)

There is a growing need for funding in Australia and New Zealand and this workshop will equip you with the tools to identify grants and write successful grant applications, as well as how to establish a Grants Strategy for your organisation.

*Presented by Keith Whelan, ‘The Grants Guy’
Level 1, rooms 5/6

(Management, Strategy, Governance)

Followed by morning tea 11am – 11.30am

For a while it seemed that the pandemic derailed much of the good work being done in sustainable commercial practices, but they are now resurging back into life. What can be done to fast-track the return of our important sustainable practices?

*Facilitated by Ben Pinney USU, member sharing by Geoff Brooke-Smith ActivateUTS and Clint Wooler UQU, plus group discussions.

Level 1, room 4

(Commercial – Management, Strategy, Governance)

Followed by morning tea 11am – 11.30am

Orientation – it is often one of the biggest events on the campus calendar and a great way to connect with students. Some go for a week, some for a day, and some are now virtual.

Join the conversation, see, hear and share new ideas and recent successes in this colourful space!

*Facilitated by Sarah Crutchley – UOW Pulse, member sharing by USU and ActivateUTS, plus group sharing and discussions.

Level 1, rooms 2/3

(Student Engagement – Clubs – Student Support – Marketing & Comms)

Followed by morning tea 11am – 11.30am

We all know that clubs and societies are the bedrock of student engagement, but what makes a successful club, and how can we support them in becoming one? Come and hear your peers share insights into their successful clubs and what they do differently from others.

*Facilitated by Matthew Haywood, ActivateUTS, member sharing by MSA, Arc@UNSW and Pulse, plus group discussions

Level 1, room 8

(Clubs – Social Sports & Recreation)

Followed by morning tea 11am – 11.30am

In 2016, Universities Australia commissioned the Australian Human Rights Commission to conduct a national, independent survey of university students to gain greater insight into the nature, prevalence, and reporting of sexual assault and sexual harassment (SASH) at Australian universities. The results since then have been less than satisfactory. What are the campuses succeeding in this space doing and what can we all do to address this important issue?

*Facilitated by Disa Hill GUGCSG, member sharing by ACU and MSA, plus facilitated group discussion.

This session may include discussion and content that may be disturbing for some people. Discretion is advised.

Level 1, room 7

(Management, Strategy, Governance – Student Support)
Followed by morning tea 11am – 11.30am

A final opportunity to recap your SENCON learnings with your communities of interest, and identify all the great session outcomes over the last three days. Make the most of these concurrent series of open forum sessions and final networking opportunities.

  • Management, Strategy & Governance (rooms 2/3)
  • Commercial & Retail (room 4)
  • Student Engagement (Events, Activities, Marketing, and Communications) (rooms 5/6)
  • Clubs and Societies (including Social Sports and Recreation) (room 7)
  • Student Support (Advocacy, Welfare, Volunteering and Wellbeing) (room 8)

Our dynamic closing guest speaker this year is Matt Hall, the reigning champion of Air Race World Championship.

As a pilot, both in the military and in competition, Matt has faced extraordinary pressures. He has had to overcome adversity and work closely with his teams to reach his goals.

His sharing of these experiences will bring SENCON to an exciting close, leaving you inspired, refocused and ready to stay cool under pressure!

Ground level, Roundhouse main auditorium

(This plenary event is valuable for all delegates)

Sponsored by Red Bull Australia

And that’s a wrap.

Closing farewell followed by optional tours of local member campuses for interested delegates.

Thanks for helping make SENCON 2022 such an amazing event, , keep connected, and we’ll see you all again next year!

For interested delegates, tours will be held at:

  • UNSW
  • University of Sydney
  • UTS
  • Macquarie University

Registrations are required to determine numbers and arrange details with the host campuses.