SENCON 2022 Program Day Two

TUESDAY 28th JUNE 2022 – Conference Day Two – The Roundhouse, UNSW

Welcome to Day Two. Today will be a vibrant one, with the SEN Expo adding a real buzz to the middle of the day.

Delegates arriving today can register between 08.00- 09.00

Program sessions below – Please click on each title to view session details – Delegates may attend any session 

Tammy Guest takes people on adventures and reminds them of how to live. Working with her mentor Jonathan Fields over the last few years, they began to focus more intensely on a state called “being Sparked,” especially in the context of work. They came to realize that being Sparked exists at the sweet spot between five domains:

Purpose. Knowing you’re moving toward something you believe in.

Engagement. Excitement, energy, and enthusiasm for the pursuit of that something

Meaningfulness. The feeling that what you do and who you are matters.

Expressed potential. The sensation of being fully you and not having to hide, bringing all of your potential to the experience, and leaving nothing untapped.

Flow. The blissful experience of getting lost in an activity, losing time, and becoming absorbed in the task

In this session, we will be diving into what sparks each of you as individuals, and the SENCON collective. Let’s uncover the work that aligns with what Sparks you! We can’t wait for this fun and interactive session to kick off Day 2.

Please follow these instructions carefully so you can fully participate in this session:

  1. Complete your Sparketype test by this Sunday June 26th (this is so we can talk to the results in our session!)
  2. Take the assessment and discover your Sparketype! LINK HERE:  (takes less than 10 minutes)
  3. IMPORTANT: At the end, when prompted to, enter your email to receive your results – be sure to add SENCON in the Group ID field so we can collate insights about the group during our Tuesday session.

“With over 25 years developing employees and creating great employee experiences, one thing has become clear: people want more than just a pay check. They want to be excited and inspired, and have a sense of purpose. SPARKETYPE is the ultimate guide for leaders, founders, and those to want more out of work and life.” — Deb Josephs

Presented by – Tammy Guest

Event Facilitator – Author – Speaker – Freedom Seeker

Singapore Rooms – level 1, rooms 5 & 6

(This plenary event is valuable for all delegates)

The sector has experienced a very high churn of staff over the last two years, much of it driven by the impact of the pandemic on organisational finances and operations, but much also by “The Great Resignation”.

How do we best support the wellbeing of those that remain? What communication platforms work? How can we create motivating and inspiring environments within a realm of constant disruptions and crazy workloads? What opportunities exist to build skills and capacity, keep everyone connected in a hybrid working world and prevent burnout in an under resourced sector?

*Facilitated by Alf Maccioni – UOW Pulse, with sharing by USU, MSA, and UCSA followed by open forum discussion.

Level 1, room 4

(Management, Strategy, Governance – Wellbeing)

Followed by the SEN Expo 11am – 2pm,

A working lunch will be available between 12pm & 1pm

Non-attended retail, dark kitchens, merchandising trends, and more – in this age of change the simple days of retail are well behind us. What are you doing to remain relevant to your customer base?
* Facilitated by Andrew Leontarou – SEN MD. Guest speakers Darren Yan – IVMOA and Julio Azzarello – Gourmand Providore, plus group sharing and open discussion.
Level 1, room 7
Followed by the SEN Expo 11am – 2pm
A working lunch will be available between 12pm & 1pm

Universities are notoriously risk-averse. It is in everybody’s best interest to ensure that all activities undergo sound risk management processes, particularly those held by clubs outside of the protective umbrella of their student organisation.

*Workshop presented by Michael Connelly of CPR Group

Singapore Rooms – Level 1, rooms 5 & 6

(Events, Activities – Clubs, Social Sports – Management, Strategy, Governance)

Followed by the SEN Expo 11am – 2pm
A working lunch will be available between 12pm & 1pm

The delivery of sports and recreation on campus is an important well-being and social engagement tool. Not all students are elite sportspersons, but most love to get out and have physical fun with their friends. This session provides an opportunity to explore the best ways to facilitate engagement in this area and hear some success stories.

*Facilitated by Thomas Quinn UOW Pulse, member sharing by Pulse, AU Sport and Arc@UNSW, plus group discussion.

Level 1, Room 2/3

(Students Engagement –  Clubs – Social Sport & Recreation – Wellbeing)

Followed by the SEN Expo 11am – 2pm
A working lunch will be available between 12pm & 1pm

The absence of students on campuses had a knock-on effect on the need for volunteers. Reports are that volunteer numbers have dipped and are slow to return to previous engagement levels. What can be done to re-engage them?

*Facilitated by Stefanie Maccar – MSA, member sharing by Arc@UNSW and UOW Pulse, plus group discussion

Level 1, room 8


Followed by the SEN Expo 11am – 2pm
A working lunch will be available between 12pm & 1pm

Come along and see why this is considered one of the most vibrant trade fairs in the country. Visit the dozens of exhibitors wanting to engage you and your students. New concepts and products, plenty of samples and heaps of fun downstairs in the centre of The Roundhouse.

A buffet, working style lunch will be available in the adjacent Collaboration Lounge between 12.00pm and 1.00pm.

A series of ‘hot seat sessions” will be held concurrently during the Expo, so make sure you mix it up…check out some stalls, grab some food, take in a session, then head back to the stalls. Explore all the opportunities to have fun, connect and learn more stuff!

A working lunch will be available between 12pm & 1pm

Yes, a Muffinchute!

Come along to this Hot Seat Session and learn from UOW Pulse just what a Muffinchute is, and how it can engage students!

Facilitated by the team at UOW Pulse.

Gather in Collaboration space 2, ground level

(Student Engagement – Activities)

Hot Seat Sessions run concurrently with the SEN Expo

A working lunch will be available between 12pm & 1pm

A fast-paced look at how to use social media effectively. What’s trending and how to cut through.

Presented by Mitch McBurnie – Director of Marketing and Experience, Arc@UNSW.

Level 1, Rooms 2/3

(Student Engagement – Marketing, Comms)

Hot Seat Session run concurrently with the SEN Expo

A working lunch will be available between 12pm & 1pm

Here is your opportunity to take a moment to reconnect with your sense of well-being. Come and enjoy a fun and enlightening activity to uplift your sense of wellness!

Presented by Shari Coventry – Sydney Laughter Yoga

Gather in Collaboration space 2, ground level


Hot Seat Session run concurrently with the SEN Expo

Come and see one of SEN Member’s successful rebranding projects.

Take the journey of Adelaide University Sport’s rich history, the reinvention of their brand, and the broadening of their connection to their campus community.

See first hand the process of moving from a lack of brand recognition and a disconnect around the purpose and function of AUS within the community – to a massive increase in engagement across all platforms, re-igniting clubs and sporting codes, and re-connecting with the broader campus community.

Presented by Michelle Wilson – General Manager, Adelaide University Sport.

Level 1, Rooms 2/3

(Student Engagement – Marketing, Comms)

Time to hear the student’s perspective on what students want…

This student discussion panel and delegate Q & A will provide insights into the student experience of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion on campus, the International Student Experience, and Participating in Campus Communities.

This is the perfect opportunity to get insight into what students need from student services to better navigate their studies, campus life, and beyond. Questions posed to students for this session:

– in your view and experience, what is the best way for your student org to support your cohorts?
– do you have any examples of activities you’ve been part of that you’ve liked?
– what programs or initiatives would you like to see provided?
– what are we currently not doing that you think we should be doing, or that we could be doing a whole lot better?!

*Facilitated student discussion panel by Mitch McBurnie – Arc@UNSW.

Singapore Rooms – level 1, rooms 5 & 6

(This plenary event is valuable for all delegates)

Followed by afternoon tea 3pm – 3.30pm

Our student leaders are important. Supporting their development in leadership via inductions, training, and engagement programs can be a challenging and complex task to get right.

This session will unpack and explore the following topic points:

  • What are the top 3 challenges faced by Unions/Associations/Guilds with regard to their students engaging in the Student Leadership Development space?
  • Which soft skills should we be focusing on when developing student competencies?
  • What themes/topics in Student Leadership would add value for your organisation in a practically focused leadership (non-academic) development course for students, that won’t add to students’/your workload?

*Facilitated by Renée de Villeneuve – Student Engagement and Development Manager, TUSA, member sharing, and group discussion.

Level 1, room 7

(Management, Strategy, Governance)

A unique case study from New Zealand’s University of Canterbury Student Association. Showcasing a commercial undertaking that overcame operational challenges that ticked so many boxes on and off-campus, financial and charitable, that it is impossible to ignore.

A shining example of when commercial meets community.

*Presented by Jeremy Hanna – Director Commercial Operations, University of Canterbury Student Association, NZ.

Level 1, room 4

(Commercial – Management, Strategy, Governance – Welfare)

‘Five Minutes of Fame’ – come and share your experiences and stories of success in delivering wellbeing support initiatives to your students. Ask questions of your peers and take away some new ideas.

*Facilitated by Stephanie Baris Arc@UNSW. Sharing of the ‘Good Vibes Experiment’ by Jodie Zada and Indianna Morrone – FUSA ,  Stef Maccar – MSA

This session may include discussion and content that may be disturbing for some people. Discretion is advised.

Level 1, rooms 2/3

(Student Support – Events, Activities)

Michael Connelly is a clubs and associations governance specialist. He is the architect and presenter of the SEN Clubs Managers Program, which is currently developing the skills of more than 20 of our Member Clubs Managers, and receiving high praise from those involved.

Come along to this session for a quick polish of your clubs governance knowledge, connect with an expert trainer and other SEN members engaged in this space.

*Presented By Michael Connelly of CPR Group.

Singapore Rooms – Level 1, rooms 5 & 6

(Clubs – Social Sports & Recreation)

This is a must-attend event for delegates wanting to celebrate the fantastic outcomes achieved by SEN members during another challenging year on campuses across Australia and New Zealand.

Enjoy this grand opportunity to network with peers…while enjoying a few drinks, scrumptious food, and a dance!

Come along to share in these special celebrations of the sector and be a part of SENCON’s pinnacle event.

  • Emcee – Susannah Lynch-Vaughn
  • Music by DJ Lachy – student musician, UON
  • Award Sponsors – EM. Educated by Scooda
  • Dinner Sponsors – PFD and Locate by oOh! Media

Held in the beautiful Ivy Ballroom, George St, Sydney.