Student Experience Network Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

As a not-for-profit organisation Student Experience Network appreciates all levels of support from sponsors that helps us continue to do great work on behalf of our Members.

For brands that are looking to align with our organisation, sponsorship opportunities are available in many forms:

  • Corporate sponsorship of the our through support of the SEN office
  • SENCON conference sponsorship packages
  • SEN Expo
  • SEN Management & Planning Meeting sponsorship packages
  • SEN Awards website sponsorship
  • Sponsorship of individual SEN Awards
  • Beverage sponsorship of the SENCON Awards Gala Dinner and SENCON networking events
  • Campus Barista of the Year Competition sponsorship
  • National Competitions Partnership Opportunities

All sponsorship is appreciated and acknowledged to delegates via this website, and event programs and signage.

Any enquiries regarding sponsorship can be made here.