CAMP (Communities and Management Planning)

Each year, Student Experience Network (SEN) holds a two-day meeting of Members representing the various special interest communities, at a member campus. More than sixty key member representatives attend this forum at which the strategic and operational direction of SEN is discussed and reviewed. This is the second main event on our calendar (usually occurring in September), and plays an important role in members maintaining an input into the decision making process.

This meeting is invaluable on many levels for members from all areas of our industry. It allows us to get to know each other. Provides us with a voice and an avenue of communication. Helps us build our team, strengthens our relationships and allows us to define a mutually beneficial path. This is an important part of what makes us stronger as a group.

SEN CAMP 2021 is free for financial SEN Members.

Once again this year, due to the prevailing situation, CAMP was delivered as a virtual event of non-concurrent sessions across two weeks, which concluded on December 1st.

Recordings of sessions are available here.

This is a closed session for this year’s Mentor Program participants, as they  wrap up with a final reflection on their six-month journey and a celebratory virtual get-together.

For more information on the SEN Mentor Program visit the SEN website. EOI for the 2022 participant group will be opening on the 22nd November.

Our new website has been streamlined and updated to meet user expectations, while still providing vital information and resources. Come for a tour, and learn how to find everything that you need.


Members sharing stories and techniques on how to better appreciate and look after our student clubs. as well as the ongoing challenges of clubs governance and training, Facilitated by Thomas Quinn from UOW Pulse.

We will also be introducing our exciting new SEN Clubs and Societies Managers Program, with the its creators, Shahrin Leontarou and Tone Gibson from SEN, and Michael Connelly from CPR Group.


Several members have made the switch to SEN Endorsed Partner, QPay, for their Clubs Management software platform, while others are using QPay to create bespoke rewards programs.  Here is your opportunity to ask QPay all the questions that will help you understand why your colleagues are making the switch.


Roya Lines from Junkee Media will present their latest research,  one of the largest longitudinal research projects ever conducted into the changing feelings, attitudes and beliefs of Australia’s Gen Z’s and Millennials.

Built on insights measured throughout a year of intense lockdowns, it explores how young people are adapting to a COVID-normal society and how their growing influence will shift the dynamics of trust and power over the decade ahead. Hear how we can better understand and appeal to this complicated segment while navigating the proverbial ‘generation gap.

We will use the presentation as a springboard for the following Marketing & Comms/ Student Outcomes Member forum.


Student Outcomes Member Forum 
AnchorTuesday 23rd November, 1.45 pm AEDT

Members sharing stories and ideas from campuses around the country on how to how best to support, engage, and activate students. Facilitated by Tone Gibson, SEN Competitions Coordinator


This panel discussion will expand on the CampusLink session, and will not only be looking at ways to reinvigorate campus bars and use these historically alcohol-centred venues for alternative student-friendly activities, but how to enliven and reactivate other campus venues and events.

Panelists: Mitch McBurnie from Arc@UNSW, Moe Shakourof from Macquarie University, and Shane Lawtey from Melbourne Polytechnic.

We will use the discussion as a springboard for the following Student Outcomes Member forum.


Student Outcomes Member Forum 
AnchorWednesday 24th November, 12.00 pm AEDT

Members sharing stories and ideas from campuses around the country on how to how best to support, engage, and activate students. Facilitated by Tone Gibson, SEN Competitions Coordinator


This session replaces the Effective Leadership session which has unfortunately been postponed due to presenter illness

This open forum is for Senior Managers (or anyone, for that matter) who would like to spend some time sharing ideas with their peers. We hope you can join us.


AIME is an award-winning Indigenous-led global movement of mentoring, Underpinned by imagination and the power of unlikely connections between those with power and those without, AIME’s aim is to create a fairer world.

Having built the largest volunteer movement of University students in Australia and having helped alleviate inequity for 25,000+ Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander high school students, with huge impact validated by independent research, AIME are now forging an alliance with SEN and SEN Members with the goal of scaling their work to every campus in the region and creating the most powerful mentoring movement in history.

Join us for this exciting, important session and learn how you can be part of the journey.


Tasmania University Student Association and La Trobe Student Association were both tasked with creating significant structural change over the last couple of years.

Despite the similarities in their briefs and goals, they emerged with two polar opposite outcomes. This discussion presented by Sam Gorringe of TUSA and Mitch Trevena, ex-LTSA, will look at what went right…and wrong, and the role of student governance and institutional support in those outcomes.


There have been a number of major changes to our contractual relationships with partners and suppliers, most notably in relation to beverages. There are further changes imminent for vending.

Join us for this session to discuss how these changes can best benefit your commercial interests, and further strengthen SEN’s capacity to continue supporting Members, not only in commercial activity, but in the important business of engaging students.


Another extension of a popular session at CampusLink topic: re-join Jess Brown from Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild who will expand on what was involved in developing her effective leadership and management model in these challenging times. This will lead to an open discussion as we hear from other attendees.


With the new 2022 season of industry Awards opening two days earlier – join this timely session to see the new look website and learn about the new and revised categories, restructured criteria format, and the exciting two tiered submission options.

Use this opportunity to get your questions answered about how to put your best foot forward in your quest for an Award at SENCON 2022!