Consulting Services

Outside of its usual scope of activity, Student Experience Network offers further professional services for our members, the tertiary sector and industry.

SEN consultations include real-time insights into successful and unsuccessful models in place on Australian campuses. These insights are enhanced by regular and frequent visits and interaction with our national network of members and supported through our comprehensive communication and reporting channels.

Arguably, there is no organisation spending more face to face time on Australian tertiary campuses than we do, which informs our reviews and reports with authentic value. SEN is well positioned to review and make recommendations regarding commercial campus operations and wider student services.

For members and the tertiary sector these consultations include:

  • commercial reviews and reports
  • benchmarking
  • surveys
  • student and faculty forums and focus groups
  • tender consulting
  • selection panel support and participation

For industry, SEN can advise and educate on the complicated landscape of Australian tertiary student services.

Our comprehensive hands-on understanding of the national tertiary services market brings expertise that is often absent from consultancies otherwise engaged in these types of services. In any consultation, SEN endeavours to bring a real-world focus that reflects the current state of student services on campuses nationally.

Each SEN staff involved in the consulting process has a specialised set of skills relevant to areas of the campus services sector. Combined, they represent more than the sum of their parts, as well as 30 years of experience within campus services throughout Australia.

If you are interested in discussing your consultation needs further, please contact us.