Become a Member

Our members span across more than 150 campuses in Australia, as well as several in New Zealand. They are responsible for providing a wide range of non-academic services for tertiary students such as:

  • welfare and advocacy
  • volunteering and outreach programs
  • cafes, food and beverage outlets and bars
  • stationery and convenience stores
  • events and activities
  • orientation weeks
  • national competitions
  • sports, recreation, and fitness
  • entertainment
  • student director and clubs and society support

Student Experience Network is a co-operative. To become a Member, your organisation must be:

  • a not-for-profit.
  • a non-academic service provider.
  • affiliated with or connected to a tertiary education institute.

If you believe that you meet the criteria, please contact the SEN office at

If you are ineligible based on the above criteria,  you may be better aligned as a Benefits Partner.

Is your organisation already a SEN Member, but you aren’t registered to access the website? Please complete this form and submit for approval

Why Become A Member?

There are many benefits to those who undertake a membership with SEN. Take a look at the comprehensive list of Member Benefits. These include access to programs, events, resources, tools, and commercial returns.

Membership Costs and Fees

To maintain a current financial membership, Members will pay:

A once-only Purchase of Shares. This will be payable at the time of membership approval and the amount is dependant on the number of students enrolled at your tertiary institution (FTSL).  These shares remain the property of your organisation, held in trust by SEN.

Annual Service Fee. This is payable at the start of each calendar year. The amount is dependent on the number of students enrolled at your tertiary institution (FTSL) as well as the financial benefit from your previous year’s membership.

Membership is currently under review to create more flexibility in membership access but currently ranges from $1,784 to $7,143 (ex GST) and the amount of staff who gain benefit from your membership is unlimited.