Member Benefits

There are a number of benefits to those who undertake a membership with Student Experience Network. Take a look at the comprehensive list below including access to programs, events, resources, tools and commercial returns.

Programs, Events, Resources, and Tools

  • access to a network of more than 150 campuses across Australia and New Zealand
  • access to large scale marketing and promotional campaigns and preferential support from product and service providers.
  • free or discounted access to the huge range of Member offerings:
    • Benchmarking
    • Student Experience Network Awards
    • SENCON and SENCOM (our annual national conferences)
    • Clubs and Societies Managers Program
    • Clubs & Societies Leadership Development Program
    • Grants and Events Calendar
    • Endorsed Suppliers
    • Member Directory
    • Mentor Program
    • Online Community of Practice Forums
    • Resource Library
    • Student Governance Course and Resources
    • National Student Music Competition
    • Consulting Services

Commercial Benefits

  • combined buying-power when dealing with food, beverage, retail and other suppliers.
  • improve bottom line by saving on contracts and expenses.
  • access to national, regional, local and site-specific promotional strategies and benchmarking to drive sales and student engagement.
  • negotiations can be primarily carried out directly with manufacturer or importer, eliminating wholesaler or agent fees.
  • strengthens the sector via a unified approach, enabling national and regional marketing funds otherwise unavailable to individual members.
  • access to expert assistance via consultation, member interaction, shared knowledge and professional development.

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SENCON Attended by up to 300 delegates and dozens of industry partners, offering a program that provides time for sharing… to see, hear and discuss topics relevant to what is happening on campuses, rather than simply being ‘presented’ to. Content, stories, and experiences in specific areas of Student Services will be shared through facilitated group discussions, panels, and workshops. Delegates will hear about successful best practice case studies plus discuss new ideas, current challenges, and possible solutions.  Discounted pricing for SEN members.

SENCOM represents “Student Experience Network Communities”. One and a half days of planning, setting goals, and exchanging ideas with like-minded colleagues within the sector. In addition to focusing on professional development, SENCOM will feature our Annual General Meeting (AGM). This is a great opportunity to strengthen your network and engage in discussions that can significantly enhance both your professional endeavours and the overall student experience for your organisation. This event will compliment of our current Community of Practice Monthly Forums.

The SEN Clubs & Societies Leadership Development Program is a professional development program for clubs managers at SEN member campuses to develop skillsets, confidence and knowledge in support of student clubs and societies.

The program provides you with a unique opportunity to discuss and explore emerging issues with industry experts through dynamic online sessions. Learn from the stories and experiences of other participants, and keep up to date with emerging developments in the sector.

Heavily subsidised for SEN Members.

Free access to our custom-built clubs and societies governance resource modules. A great resource for office-bearers of student clubs

The online Board Induction Course is designed to help student leaders understand the importance of their roles and responsibilities as a board member, and to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective leader. By completing this course, students will be able to move from the level of clubs and societies leadership to board leadership and leave a legacy of which they can be proud! 

The course is fully customisable to meet the needs of your organisation and can be catered for all governance requirements, from  Clubs & Societies committees to Student Boards.

At SEN, Communities of Practice (CoPs) are the heartbeat of collaboration, innovation, and growth. These vibrant communities are curated around the diverse interests and expertise of our members, providing a rich ground for learning, networking, and professional development.

Our CoPs are more than just online Forums; they are dynamic ecosystems where individuals with shared passions and expertise converge to explore, exchange, and elevate their knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer in your field, there’s a community waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Eligibility to enter the Student Experience Network Awards

The annual Student Experience Network (SEN) Awards are a celebration of excellence and success in the Australian and New Zealand tertiary student experience sector.

They are an opportunity to recognise SEN members and suppliers for outstanding achievements, and to showcase exceptional programs and initiatives in many diverse areas of the student services landscape.

Free access to our SEN Mentor Program: Members supporting and growing members.

Free access to the SEN resource library which includes:

  • Industry benchmarking reports
  • Sector survey data
  • Industry reports
  • Document templates
  • Position descriptions
  • Community of Practice Resources

Your students are eligible to enter and compete in our national student music competition:


Australia’s longest running band competition. Each year’s winners share in thousands of dollars of industry-based prizes and experiences.

Outside of its usual scope of activity, Student Experience Network offers further professional consulting services at a discounted rate for our members.

These include business reviews, selection panel participations & one-on-one coaching and advice

  • Access to large scale marketing & promotional campaigns. Preferential support from product & service providers, recognising the national status of SEN.
  • Support for student engagement activities.
  • Access to regularly updated member directories, amplified marketing positioning, such as free media kit advertising on the SEN website.
  • Training & professional development opportunities & discounts through recognised industry specialists.