The Changing Face of Work and Study

How are you?

That’s an interesting question right now for many of us in service-focused industries and roles, and especially within the University sector. We are seeing the universal problems of constant demands, fragmented attention and pressures on wellbeing creating even more staff churn and consequently more workload for time-poor teams.

Information overload, endless meetings, emails and interruptions are prevalent. All set against a backdrop of a rapidly changing digital world.

The key to ensuring we can all do better than just cope in this new environment lies in finding the right skills and tools to support us. When we equip our people to reimagine and navigate this changing work landscape, we can reduce long-term overwhelm, burn-out, and disengagement. If your team doesn’t feel valued or inspired to grow, many will vote with their feet, putting even more pressure on the remaining team.

If you can make space for learning, you will bring back the creativity, the innovation, and the opportunity and the motivation to shine. It shows your people that you see a bright future together. By investing in the human skills needed to thrive and lead in any scenario, you will develop an indisputable competitive edge and consistent engagement.

Inspire your people to transform work for the better

In the age of hybrid working and information overload, traditional time management techniques don’t cut it anymore. Many people are feeling like they’ll never be on top of their workload, as the work keeps coming. Inboxes and other collaboration tools, whilst designed to help us with our work, often add to the distractions and can be even more stressful when schedules are full of meetings.

If you’re keen to find new ways, less stressful ways to work, Productivity Ninja have some free resources for you.

  • Check out Productivity Ninja Skill Boosters – these are free 30-min boosters on up-to-the minute topics such as hybrid working – you can check out past topics here.
  • To access their top Hybrid working tips, you can download our free Infographic here.
  • Chat to them about workshops for your teams and your students – you can email your SEN Ninja here

The Think Productive website is your top level resource for everything Ninja, or download the brochure here.


The most popular workshops in the last 12 months have been: 

The Way of the Productivity Ninja – top tips and tools to help you stress less, achieve more and love what you do.

Getting Your Inbox to Zero – as email volumes continue to explode

Productivity Ninja Guide to Hybrid Working – rethinking the ways we work in context of hybrid

Leading Hybrid Teams – helping leaders to create a culture of trust and focus on outcomes not hours

Supercharge Your Team Comms – create a Comms Manifesto so everyone knows how to leverage the power of great communication


New Workshops Info:

In the new post-Covid world of work and study, we have seen a strong need to support our community with leadership skills: there is huge staff churn across many sectors and in the new hybrid landscape, leaders and managers are struggling to find support to develop relevant core skills, as well as of course hybrid productivity and sustaining wellbeing.

We are excited to share that these new sessions are live globally and they’re ready to rumble. Click on the workshop name below for more information, there is also a summary in the attached brochure.

  1. Coaching to Empower: Discover the power of coaching to engage and develop your team. (3 hour masterclass) – direct link to session overview
  2. We Need to TalkReplacing Fear with Clarity when giving and receiving feedback. (2 hour masterclass) – direct link to session overview
  3. Project Management 101.Be the Project Manager who Wows The Rest. (6 hour workshop)  – direct link to session overview
  4. Influencing & Persuading. Uncovering the psychology to transform your influencing skills.  (6 hour workshop  – direct link to session overview
  5. Delegate Like a Productivity NinjaEmpower Your Team. Reclaim Your Time.  (3 hour masterclass)  – direct link to session overview

Coming soon …

  • Unlocking Emotional Intelligence: Manage emotions. Unleash high performance.