The Future of On-campus Retail – Enhancing the Student Experience – Braden Short (CITSA) and Kyle Howitt (Amazon)

November 17, 2023 | General


Braden Short

Braden is the Chief Commercial Officer at the CIT Student Association. Braden looks after the commercial businesses of CITSA including Cafe Yala, Fresh2Go, the Bookstore, CITSAPrint and now the recently opened YalaPlus store powered by Amazon Just Walk Out Technology. Braden has been working at the Student Association since 2016 and has a passion for enhancing the student and customer experience. Braden has evolved the delivery of services for CIT students, staff and visitors through deep customer understanding, developed networks and integration of tech solutions to expand offerings.

Kyle Howitt

Kyle is a Senior Business Development Manager for Amazon Just Walk Out Technology. Kyle has a passion for education and has been working as a technology partner with education providers across ANZ for the past 5-years. Kyle has helped Higher Education organisations leverage the power of cloud technologies to provide exceptional student experiences. Kyle has performed transformational programs such as real-time student centric data and analytics, student service chat bots and contact centres, cloud migrations and more recently checkout-free retail implementations in Just Walk Out.


Learn how the CIT Student Association partnered with Amazon Just Walk Out Technology to enhance the student experience. Hear from the customer (CITSA) as they overview the current retail challenges and used their innovative mindset to partner with Amazon JWO and explore the journey to date including the recent launch of YalaPlus. Then hear from the partner (Amazon) about the history of retail technology, an overview of Just Walk Out and their experience with Higher Education. The future in retail is here in Australia!