Award-winning mental health resource for the education sector


The ‘Good Vibes Experiment’, a campaign to promote student wellbeing is being made available at no charge to the wider education sector. The colourful and approachable project was developed by Flinders University students in collaboration with creative media staff and mental health professionals within Flinders and creative digital agency Mango Chutney. The creators wanted to share practical ways to enhance wellbeing while also highlighting support services. Click here to download the campaign materials.

With the tagline “there’s lots of ways to improve your mental health, we’ve made a stack for you to try” this campaign encourages students to taste-test a range of psychologically founded methods. This is supported by the campaign’s central element – an activity book that introduces students to 20 evidence-based wellbeing tactics and 40+ simple, fun activities that encapsulate these tactics. If students don’t like one of the 20 tactics, they’re encouraged to move on and try another, knowing there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution to mental health.

Universities and student organisations across Australia and indeed the world are welcome to download the entirety of the campaign digital and physical assets to use within their own institutions.